BOLI Product Performance Over Varying Interest Rate Cycles

Dec 6, 2016

Bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) has been a high performing asset on bank balance sheets for many decades, and has been regularly purchased by banks since the early 1990’s. Currently the majority of U.S. banks own BOLI with a total in-force cash value exceeding $170 billion. BOLI products have provided consistently attractive performance over multiple interest rate cycles. Although the life cycle of a typical BOLI transaction lasts over many decades, the underlying insurance company portfolios supporting those polices have much shorter durations.

BOLI can be structured as a variable universal life insurance contract, a non-variable insurance contract, or a combination of the two.(1) 

The unique nature of a life insurer’s asset/liability needs give them the ability to take advantage of relatively predictable cash in and out flows, and use this information to be more nimble in a changing interest rate environment than a typical buy and hold portfolio. In addition, insurance company portfolios are large and diverse both in the types of assets owned and name of issuer.
Changes in market interest rates will find their way into BOLI portfolios through normal portfolio maturities and positioning. These new market rates continually find their way into BOLI policy crediting rates on a lag basis.

(1) Variable life insurance policies have certain inherent risks, including the possible loss of principal.  Risks associated with variable life insurance policies include, but are not limited to, liquidity, market volatility, asset default and investor control tax risk. Additionally, variable life insurance policies’ fees and expenses include, but are not limited to, mortality costs, stable value charges, policy administration fees and asset management fees.Please refer to your Private Placement Memorandum, Stable Value Agreement and/or Life Insurance Policy for definitions of the terms and/or data included in this report and to better understand the risk and fees associated with these policies.

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