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Mutual Fund Companies

The Newport Group employs a unique team approach, permitting each client to design their own program. The result is a partnership in which each of our organizations contributes its expertise, while working together to help plan participants identify and reach their retirement goals. Our partnership can be tailored using any of these services:

  • Flexible plan types with expert consulting and design
  • Ability to integrate qualified and non-qualified solutions
  • Access to all funds through Schwab, Fidelity, and the NSCC
  • Investment management and sub-advisory services
  • Customizable participant education
  • Online advice, tools, and services
  • High-quality daily valuation recordkeeping
  • Expert plan administration with dedicated point of contact
  • Private-labeled website for participants and plan sponsors

Newport can provide whichever you prefer: a stand-alone full service program, a co-branded outsource solution, a small plan complement for existing programs, or an outlet for plans "outside the box."

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