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Investment Advisors

Newport services remain transparent to your clients. Our products afford your organization a price competitive, profitable daily valuation 401(k) solution that aggressively competes and wins business in the market. Newport complements your existing services and strengths with our areas of expertise:

  • Over 14,000 no-load, brand-name mutual funds
  • Flexible plan types
  • Economical plan packages and features
  • High-quality daily valuation recordkeeping
  • Participant education, online advice, and enrollment assistance
  • Administration services
  • Sub-advisory investment management services
  • Established trading platforms with Schwab, Fidelity, and the NSCC
  • Customizable website for participants and plan management

Ours is a fully featured retirement plan solution built around a team comprising you, the plan sponsor client, their employees, and Newport as recordkeeper and administrator. Working together we can design, develop, and implement a retirement plan solution that best fits you and your clients' needs.

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