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Banks and Trust Companies

Newport presents a retirement plan solution to bank trust divisions and companies that follows the standards created by the largest fund families—a bundled solution for defined contribution recordkeeping that does not compromise the company's autonomy over investment options.

Newport delivers the services you need without compromise, while remaining transparent to your clients. Our products afford your organization a price competitive, profitable daily valuation 401(k) solution that allows you to aggressively compete and win business in the market. Newport complements your existing services and strengths with our areas of expertise:

  • Over 5,000 no-load, brand name mutual funds
  • Flexible plan types
  • High-quality daily valuation recordkeeping
  • Participant education, online advice, tools, and services
  • Administration services
  • Investment management and sub-advisory services
  • Established trading platforms with Schwab, Fidelity, and the NSCC
  • Customizable website for participants and plan management

Built with your needs in mind, ours is a uniquely designed team approach to 401(k) daily valuation solutions. Our product becomes your daily valuation product without the costs of software, hardware, labor, ongoing expenses, and the added risk sometimes associated with in-house recordkeeping and investment management.

Newport performs the most difficult and time-consuming tasks associated with the daily valuation business. You deliver superior defined contribution services to your clients and referral partners.

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